dsrn-rdc[resdatcom09] – DOODSHOOFD*STIRNER*RESONAN*NOIA – 2011

DOODSHOOFD/STIRNER/RESONAN – NOIA (CDR by resdatcom) A split, a dangerous acrobatics which exposes the genitalia to risk.. or the division of a living thing across the alter where the blood of life which is God’s is given back, or offered up is not a history but an act of non-time, split time& however 10 tracks on this “split” the 4 from Stirner certainly qualify for noise, preoccupations with pulses, I’m trying to formulate a non rational critique of the pulse, the repetition along the lines of the “identity of indiscernible” but that too falls into the aporia of the rationalist idea of equality, that is how can two things be the same& you might like to re-read this to get the feel for the nonsense out of which sense is built, i.e. that the a priori is an a posteriori production& the four Resonan are micro electronic noise& with the final Noia track set in an industrial landscape. Played in reverse order this CDR could map out the trajectory of noise over the last decade or so, like a missile shedding at each stage, atm osphere, techniques, until either an ordered equilibrium – or orbit- rhythm is attained or as in the case of HNW (Doodshoofd) the final product is a never ending? journey into a void without differentiation, beginning, middle, end, or meaning. (jliat) [vital weekly 787]