[resdatcom18] Vyazkiy Sharab + resonan : Tension/Friction

These two tracks are a collaboration between Vyazkiy Sharab (Russia) and resonan (Netherlands).

Tension       16’02”
Friction        10’42”

Vyazkiy Sharab: contact microphone, tape loops, effects unit and objects.
resonan: oscillators, singing bowl, reverb unit and matrix mixer.

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Vital Weekly 978:
From Novosibirsk in Russia hails Vyazkiy Sharab and he uses contact microphone, tape loops, effects unit, objects, while Resonan is from Groningen[sic] in The Netherlands, and he uses oscillators, reverb unit, matrix mixer and Tibetan singing bowl. Together they exchanged recordings and each created a mix of this. Sharab mixed ‘Tension’ and Resonan mixed ‘Friction’. The first piece is sixteen minutes and the other one ten. These are the basics of the music. Their joint interest lies in ‘minimal, static, droning’ sounds, which is indeed what is in this music. In ‘Tension’ there is a static buzz which is both played ‘dry’ and ‘wet’, as in: with quite some delay on it. Maybe there is also the recording of ‘wind’ in here. It’s perhaps a bit long to keep the interest. Resonan keep things also on the minimal side with similar wind recordings as well as getting the bowls to sing, set against a drone like background. Also with sparse means of very little input, but quieter and spaced out; this being close to eleven minutes, it actually works much better. Two comparable pieces of music, one fine, the other all right. Maybe they should have kept their pieces a bit shorter and create some more music together, make more variations on the theme they have going and make a some what longer album next time? (FdW)

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